What On God’s Green Earth Is Drake Trying To Do By Unfollow-Following A$AP Rocky Like It’s MSN

In the wake of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s bébé announcement, it’s been revealed that Drake seems to periodically unfollow and refollow the couple. Truly down bad.

After Rihanna announced her pregnancy, there were a slew of memes about how Drake would react.


Honestly I’m just begging him not to release another album. Please Aubrey, we’ve seen enough.

Then the eagle-eyed people at Pop Tingz on Twitter found that Drake wasn’t following either A$AP or Rihanna on Instagram.

I put my detective hat on to investigate this serious case of down-baddery.

Drake reportedly unfollowed Rihanna in 2018 after she said they “don’t have a friendship” during an interview with VOGUE.

Then in April 2020 it was reported that Drake had refollowed Rihanna on Insta but she didn’t follow back. Ouch.

This is why we block our exes and move on.

To throw another mysterious spanner in the works, Drake then unfollowed Rihanna again after she appeared with A$AP at the Met Gala. So, it’s likely that he simply hadn’t refollowed her before the pregnancy announcement.

In case you’ve missed the tragic trajectory of Drake and Rihanna’s relo, they were first linked back in 2009 at a bowling alley in New York. Look, everyone loves a good ten-pin bowling date.

Rihanna said they were just friends in 2010, Drake hinted that they were more than friends in the same year, this is the trajectory of the next decade.

They performed together at the Grammy’s and collabed on undisputed banger ‘Take Care’ in 2011 and again on ‘Work’ in 2016. Sorry to remind you all of just how long ago ANTI came out.

During the 2016 MTV VMAs Drake said Rihanna was “someone [he’d] been in love with since [he] was 22 years old”.

In the same 2018 interview with VOGUE where she said she and Drake were no longer pals, Rihanna said the moment was “awkward”.

Moderate offence to Drake but I just did a full body shudder.

Anyway fast forward to the year of our lord Rihanna (otherwise known as 2022). Pop Tingz originally claimed that Drake also unfollowed A$AP Rocky but a quick glance at Champagne Papi’s following list begs to differ.

Drake is currently following A$AP.

According to a follow up tweet by Pop Tingz, Drake refollowed A$AP a day after unfollowing him.

The plot, it thickens. The new Drake album, it looms ever closer.