A Love Letter To Rihanna Because She Deserves The Goddamn World And I’m So Fkn Happy For Her

As an entertainment journalist, worshipper of popular culture and celebrity connoisseur, nothing frustrates me more than seeing people idolise a celebrity who is known to be a shitty person IRL.

There are a lot of awful, awful celebrities who don’t deserve our adoration and support, but they frequently receive it anyway.

In the meantime, there are many incredible icons in Hollywood who actually are worthy of our praise, like my girl Rihanna.

I feel like we’ve essentially watched her grow up and blossom from a pop star to a beauty mogul, blessing us with iconic songs, glorious fits and inspirational quotes along the way.

But it’s not just her aesthetic and talent as a celebrity that has inspired many, but it’s the message that she stands for as well.

Watching her build her Fenty empire from nothing into a profitable business that earned her billionaire status was awe-inspiring.

Not only that, but she broke down barriers that no one else has managed to break with her incredible and inclusive Savage x Fenty shows that showcased all body types and walks of life.

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Since earning her billionaire status, Rihanna has gone on to use her powers for good by donating USD$15million (AUD$21.2 million) to 18 organisations that help marginalised victims of climate change in Caribbean nations and the United States.

The funds went towards improving the lives of women, LGBTQIA+ people and Black and Indigenous peoples whose communities have been impacted by the brunt of climate change.

The charitable queen explained in a statement via the Associated Press that climate disasters “are growing in frequency and intensity” but “do not impact all communities equally”. Communities of colour and island nations cop the most of it and are often not supported by the world’s governments.

Using her platform and dollarydoos for activism isn’t new for RiRi. The singer also donated USD$5 million (AUD7.7 million) via her foundation in March 2020 to the COVID-19 frontline response team.

In addition to her girl boss vibes and charitable nature, she’s also proven herself to be a strong feminist icon.

There are several viral clips that frequently circulate social media in which interviewers pose sexist questions to her like “What do you look for in a man?” and her response has included “I’m not looking for a man, let’s start there” and “What a disappointing question.”

Rihanna has always embodied the powerful feminist message that you do not need a man to be happy.

With that said, she recently started dating her longtime pal A$AP Rocky and formed one of the most elusive, intriguing and beloved couples of recent times.

Aside from absolutely wowing us on a red carpet here and there, the pair have kept their romance relatively under wraps, because as Rihanna has always stipulated, no man will ever define her.

I’ve never stanned a couple’s red carpet moment more than the bed sheets at the 2021 Met Gala. (Credit: Getty)

After all she’s been through and all the goodness she has brought to the world, all I want is for every single one of her dreams and wishes to come true, and it looks like that’s what’s happening!

She’s always been v. vocal about wanting to become a mama one day, which is why her pregnancy news fills me with untold joy.

During a June 2019 interview, she told her Ocean’s Eight co-star Sarah Paulson that she wants a child “more than anything in life.”

Then in March of the following year, she told Vogue: “In 10 years … I’ll be 42. I’ll be ancient! I’ll have kids, three or four of them.”

So all I’m saying is, it looks like everything’s coming up Milhouse for RiRi and she deserves every single goddamn drop of happiness she receives.