Views From The iPhone: Presenting 10 Fire Tweets About Drizzy’s New Album

You should probably be well aware of this: ya boi Drake dropped his new album today, entitled ‘Views’ (formerly ‘Views from the 6). 
It’s now available on iTunes and was also streamed via a ‘global listening party’ that Drake hosted on the ‘OVO Sound Radio’ Beats 1 station on Apple Music. 
As always when a cool famous rapper releases new art (or breathes basically), the internet has a lot to say.
Thus, to satisfy your inner love of observational humour and pop culture entertainment, We’ve compiled ten of the best tweets about the 6-God’s latest collection of musical sounds and lyrics for you below: 
1. “Yeah, sure babe xx” – Nicki. 

2. IT’S A SIGN. 

3. Prepare yourselves. 

4. Wait, there’s a line about the Cheesecake Factory? Amazing.

5. They gon’ keep tryin’. 

6. Because Twitter knows first. Always. 
7. OMG, the baddest game ever.

8. Drake does that to ppl.

9. Don’t forget about the cheesecake.

10. ‘Listening party’.

And a lil’ bonus, because UMMMMMM, LIFE-CHANGING?????

We’ve also made a list of our top 10 fav moments ever involving Drake on our Snapchat channel (add us: PEDESTRIAN.TV). Featuring: Drizzy using a lint roller at Raptor‘s game, dancing to Hotline Bling with his Mum, and more. You can watch the whole thing by scanning our Snap code below: