Don’t Worry, The First Onstage Shoey Of Splendour 2017 Has Happened

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Shoeys. A delightful, uniquely Australian way to celebrate? Or germ-ridden way of sinking piss, one that’s not just likely to end in a bacterial infection, but is also a frankly uneconomical method of drinking beer.

(The latter. It’s always the latter.)

Well, it both gladdens and saddens us to report that the first official shoey of Splendour 2K17* has been performed.

Hockey Dad were the ones to claim that title, pausing during their early afternoon set at the Amphitheatre stage to pour the sweet, delicious nectar into a sweaty shoe and suck it down. Shoutout to Triple J for capturing the moment.

?????? @hockeydadband

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We can only hope that Hockey Dad survive the trauma of drinking alcohol from a foot container and live to perform another day. 

*Probably. We’re not being all that scientific about this. It doesn’t count if your shithead mate Daveo did it in the crowd at Peking Duk.

Photo: Mitch Lowe / Instagram.