Directioners Toss Zayn Like Yesterday’s Lunch, Accuse Him Of Ripping 1D

Zayn Malik released a surprise new track (“Like I Would”) last night, and the army of One Direction fans who have never quite gotten over the bitter sting of his departure from the group are accusing him of stylistic theft. They reckon Like I Would sounds like a One Direction track, and not the sultry grooves promised by something like Malik’s earlier track ‘Pillowtalk’.

Have a listen, hey?
There’s no doubt its a poppier, clubbier track than the more mature direction we perhaps expected, but Directioners are mad about it. If Zayn loved One Direction’s sound so much, they reckon, why’d he say he was sick of it and leave the group? Real stuff, folks.
They’re dropping their shade on Twitter, of course, because where else would they be doing it?

Some Zayn defenders aren’t taking it – they reckon 1D fans are too oversensitive and that Zayn doing a poppier track doesn’t mean he’s a dirty style thief.

You reckon its plunder, plain and simple? Or is this all just really, really dumb?

Source: Daily Mail
Image: Getty Images / Michael Tran