David Bowie Announces First Album In A Decade

Happy birthday to you, David Bowie. The innovative genre-bending icon turned 65 today, and to celebrate he released an aptly-themed birthday single, “Where Are We Now”, with a queer video to accompany it (hint: balloon-headed hand puppets). It is the first song to be released off a new Bowie album called The Next Day which will be released in Australia on March 8. This will be his first album since 2003’s Reality, and possibly be a catalyst for a tour later in the year. Just saying…

The vibe of “Where Are We Now” is melancholy and adult contemporary – which is to be expected from sexagenarian artists), but unlike most sexagenarian artists, David Bowie’s incredibly distinct soulful voice has aged well throughout the years and still sounds wonderful.

Listen to “Where Are We Now” here.

Via David Bowie Facebook page.