The death of the illustrious and unequivocally talented David Bowie in the early days of 2016 broke millions of hearts across the world, but it turns out the bloke is still releasing music. Honestly, no one can out-Bowie Bowie

Just hours before what would’ve been the beloved singer’s 70th birthday and just shy of a year since his passing (yep, that was a whole year ago), a new EP and video has been released. 

Both the track for the music video and the EP are called ‘No Plan’

The video features a bunch of ghostly, flickering television sets, in a store called ‘Newton Electrical’ – a reference to Jerome Newton, the character played by Bowie in the film ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth‘.

The EP contains 4 tracks, including ‘Lazarus‘ from from last album ‘Blackstar’, as well as ‘No Plan’, ‘Killing a Little Time‘ and ‘When I Met You‘.

These four songs are Bowie’s final studio recordings (which believe you me, is a sentence that hurt just as much for me to write as it did for you to read).

Watch the video for ‘No Plan‘ below:

And the EP ‘No Plan’ is up on Apple Music and Spotify for you to listen to:

Miss you always, Starman

A New David Bowie EP & Vid Has Dropped From Heaven 1 Year After His Death

Source: Youtube / NYT.

Photo: Dave Benett / Getty.