Listen To James Murphy Remix David Bowie

David Bowie surprised everyone earlier this year when he released The Next Day, his first album in a decade. And it’s good. Real good. So good that Bowie is suddenly the front runner for the 2013 Mercury Music Prize, and there’s a three-disc collectors edition of the album due out in November, featuring unreleased tracks, videos and remixes.

One of those remixes comes courtesy of former mastermind for the now defunct LCD Soundsystem. James Murphy has gotten his magic hands all over Love Is Lost from The Next Day, and conjured up his 10-minute Hello Steve Reich remix. Don’t know who Steve Reich is*, but we’re thanking our lucky stars he was deemed worth greeting because this slow-burning tech-funk remix is cool as shit.

*Turns out Steve Reich is a minimalist composer who’s 1972 work Clapping Music explores rhythm and phasing, and is performed by two musicians, and is comprised solely of handclaps – an obvious influence on the opening of the James Murphy remix. Knowledge is power, people.