If you’re constantly getting bogged down with the laborious task of selecting what music to listen to, then have we got the product for you! Unveiled at SXSW, the Mico headphones, developed by Neurowear – makers of all manner of weird shit, monitor the user’s brain activity and selects music to correspond with the mood. If you’re tired, it will play soothing music. If you’re focused, it will choose tunes to keep you in the zone. And if you’re depressed, it just plays Elliot Smith’s Needle in the Hay over, and over, and over again.

The Japanese company behind the uber-Japanese Brainwave Cat Ears deserve top marks for innovation but haven’t they seen Terminator or I,Robot? I thought we all agreed that making AI that could do freaky things like reading our minds was a BAD idea. One minute we’re all celebrating our lazy reliance on shit we don’t need, the next Mico drops Ride of the Valkyries as the machines rise up and end out very existence.

For those of you who’ve already resigned to the impending robot apocalypse and wish to arrive there using as little free thinking as possible, Micro are confident that the headphones will be on the market “in the very near future“. 

Aside from the bulking head wear, users can be identified by the lifeless, glazed over, “I must kill the President of the United States of America” look on their face.

via Engaget