Ariana Grande Is Releasing $150 Cat Headphones But We Made Our Own For Free

Celebrities releasing headphones isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Dr. Dre has done exceptionally well on the back of his Beats headphones and good on him. While the obvious brand push shouldn’t be ignored, Beats at least make an effort to stand out in the audio spectrum, tailoring the experience to fans of bass-heavy music.  

But these, these are just a blatant, Ariana Grande-branded grab for cash. 
They’re just wireless headphones with some incredibly tacky cat ears stuck on the top and they want you to pay $US150 ($AU198.86) for them. They don’t even pretend to care about the audio fidelity you’ll receive, they are literally just aiming straight for the wallets of CHILDREN. 
“Some days you don’t even have to leave the house to make a scene. All you really need is a pair of Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones,” says the product page. Christ, do you have no shame? 
In protest of this disgusting attack on human decency, I made my own pair of cat headphones for absolutely nothing and I suggest you do the same.
Ya see? Just like the picture. But if you’re not convinced, the Ariana monstrosities are shipping in mid November and you can also change the accented colours to blue, green, purple, orange, white, red, yellow and pink, which I could also do with mine. 

Source: Vanity Fair.

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