Cory Kennedy To End The Cobra Snake’s Online Reign

Do you go to to look at Mark or Cory?

If you had a groovy website and you were looking to market yourself to hipsters, how would you do it? Given that your not just an offset of some big media juggernaut with 200k to spend on billboards, bus-shelters and beach parties you’re going to have to do it strategically, or maybe not…

COOL BY ASSOCIATION. are onto it. What better way is there to breed tadpoles then to fish the mumma straight from a bigger pond? “Uber is a free website/community that looks good,” or at least that’s how they sell it to us. They got Cory there. And You know why she’s there? Because it has great tools blogs, photos, videos AKA everything the gal needs to extend her online hipstauthority.

Is this why there has been a lack of Cory on Mark’s page?

Will Tallulah be casted as the next Cory?

Does the fact that Uber has the teenage hipster goddess on their books mean that is virtually dead?

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