The consistently good Josh Thomas has helped saved a local school’s charity drive after Cory Bernardi tried to derail it with his special brand of cooked bigotry.

Craigburn Primary School in Adelaide is holding a campaign to raise funds for girls’ education in Africa. According to the school, they usually hold a fundraiser in to coincide with a mufti day, but this year the school leadership decided to go with ‘Do It In A Dress‘, an organisation that raises money for girls’ education in Sierra Leone and Uganda by encouraging people to raise funds while completing challenges in a dress.

So obviously, instead of a mufti day, the school was asking students to wear a dress if they felt comfortable with it, and casual clothes if they didn’t. NO BIG DEAL, RIGHT?

Wrong, according to Bernardi, who fears queer kids like they’re personally responsible for destroying six of his seven Horcruxes.

He caught whiff of the school’s efforts and decided to wilfully misconstrue it, tweeting that “this gender morphing is really getting absurd.”

But then Thomas caught wind of Bernardi’s bullshit, and decided to lead the charge in helping the school raise money.

“These kids are being bullied by Cory for trying to help underprivileged girls,” he said on Twitter. “The site it linked to has been taken down. It appears he won.

“Presumably Cory had basic comprehension skills. He read this and purposefully misrepresented the intent. Again, these kids are doing charity.”

He kicked things off by donating $2,000 of his own money, and then kept the momentum going by retweeting everyone who donated.

The school has now raised over $21,000 and counting, absolutely smashing its target of $900.

It means this might be the first time in recorded history that Cory Bernardi being his usual bigoted self has resulted in something positive.

Sometimes, the world is an extremely good place. You can read all about the school’s charity effort here.

Image: Do It In A Dress