Céline Dion Hit New Levels Of Extra For ‘Vogue’ & The Internet Is Screaming

You might have heard people rejoicing that ‘Céline Dion is back’ on account of her reemergence onto the social scene after losing husband René Angélil to throat cancer in January 2016. But it’s like, ummmm excuse me bitch, she never left. It’s CÉLINE FRIGGIN’ DION.
Her latest gift to us all is a collaboration with US Vogue, who captured her in a series of straight-fire ~lewks~ from Paris Couture Week.
Filmed at different locations around the City Of Love, including her suite at the five-star Ritz Paris, everyone’s favourite Canadian diva truly out-Dions herself in Christian Dior, Valentino, Chanel and more for what’s truly a work of art.
We see her biting the head of a mannequin in a giant fuck-off headpiece by master hairstylist Julien d’Ys.
Taking a v. dramatic boat ride that gives the Titanic a run for its money.
Flirting with a waiter whose sole purpose in life looks to be supplying her with French fries.
But of all the video’s many amazing looks, this sparkly Rodarte jumpsuit – with matching cape, which she flings off with such aplomb – has sent our souls to straight to extra heaven.
Cue the adoration of the Internet.

Check out the full video here:

Our hearts will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and o — you get the picture.

Photo: Vogue / Daniël Bouquet.