Celine Dion At The Met Gala Is Your Eccentric Aunt Back From Her Euro Vacay

It’s the 2019 Met Gala friends, and that means max celebs wearing even more max outfits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yay. Yaytown. Some celebs are boring as beige carpet. Then there’s… Celine Dion.

[jwplayer xy5vzjyW]

I don’t know why I expected Celine to play it safe, but she did NOT. The woman took the theme of ‘Notes On Camp’ and ran with it.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

I just imagine her running around that pink carpet singing ‘GIVE EM THE OLLLLL RAZZLE DAZZLE” at the top of her lungs while shimmying any part of her body that will shimmy.

She looks like my eccentric aunty turning up to family brunch after she’s visited a foreign country and gotten heavily involved in the local culture.

OFC, she got a response online from the 2019 Met Gala commentators.



And then people realised who she was giving homage to.

Seriously, bow down to this ICON, Celine Dion.