2019 is Celine Dion‘s fucken YEAR. First she wore that beautiful golden something-or-other to the Met Gala, and now she’s making headlines for looking like a snack and a half in a Chanel unitard.

Celine was papped in Paris wearing the spring 2019 piece, and honestly this is what I want to be when I grow up. By which I mean a bad bitch who wears whatever the fuck she wants, whenever she wants.

 Marc Piasecki/GC Images


If you want the unitard, it’ll cost you. It’s retailing for around $6,283 AUD according to my very expert conversion skills using XE.com. 

I mean, she already had our hearts c/o tunes like ‘My Heart Will Go On’, and now she’s this 51-year-old style icon doing good shit for ageless fashion? Hell yeah.

Piasecki/GC Images

Side note she looks exactly like my mum in these photos (mum’s a gym junkie who lifts weights like 5 times a week) so I sent her the pics to let her know she too can rock a unitard like Celine Dion, her doppelganger, and should.