Can Jack White Save The Future Of Vinyl?

Jack White cares not for technophilia and so has invented a new wtf format of vinyl record called the Triple Decker Record: a 7″ record sandwiched between the A-side and B-side of a 12″ record. Can’t wrap your mind around the concept? Here’s a helpful educational video hosted by Jack himself.

Despite a heap of questions I still have about the Triple Decker after watching that movie (i.e. is the record a one-play-only concept or can the 12″ be reattached again?), but with a dude like Jack White championing vinyl and proactively updating the technology could there be a chance that records will make a resurgence?

Probably not, on account of the world being a tight arse.

The Dead Weather’s latest single, “Blue Blood Blues”, will have a limited edition release on Jack’s Triple Decker Record. The Triple Decker is limited to 300 copies and are available at Third Man Records in Nashville on Friday Sept. 17 (for anyone chilling in Nashville at the moment), and at independent record stores worldwide. 50 copies will also be inserted in random mail order for Blue Blood Blues.