LISTEN: Jack White’s Song That He Recorded, Pressed, And Released In 4 Hours

Jack White. Musical virtuoso, something of a journeyman, occasional actor, shunner of the public eye, can now add “World Record Holder” to his resume.

On Saturday, for the internationally recognised World Record Store Day, White did something that no one else has ever managed to do before. He recorded a song, pressed it to vinyl, and had it up for sale within the same day.
Previous contenders for the title have all come in at times that are 24 hours and over. Jack White managed to get that shit done in FOUR HOURS.
Stuff this whole “You’ve got the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce” business. Jack White has precisely the same amount of time in one day as you do, and he gets shit DONE, son.
Today, Jackie Boy’s put the song up online for all y’all to listen to to your heart’s content. Much like his other stuff, it’s a fuzzy, bluesy, certified banger.