Denim Daddy Bruce Springsteen Is Apparently Very Keen To Tour Australia In 2020

70-years-old and still rocking harder than most people a third his age, Bruce Springsteen has revealed that not only is he already making plans to record another album with the enduring E Street Band soon, despite releasing Western Stars in June of this year, but that he’s also very, very keen to sort out an Australian tour before 2020 comes to to a close.

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In an interview with 9Honey, Springsteen opened up on his plans for 2020, following the release of Western Stars in June as well as the accompanying documentary film, which Springsteen himself directed.

It’s been known for a while that Springsteen is preparing a full new E Street Band album for 2020, with a zero-tour schedule for Western Stars allowing a little extra time and space to begin writing.

But now we know that not only is Springsteen itching to get back out on the road, but he’s very, very keen to come here.

In the interview, The Boss mentions that Australia is a “great, great place for us,” and then drops the hammer: He’s keen to get here late next year.

“I’m gonna record with the band soon. Then — I never know how long the record’s gonna to take, hopefully, it won’t take long — and at some point after that, we’ll start to look around and play again and of course, I always love coming to Australia. It’s become a great, great place for us with a great audience for us there and it’s a joy to come, so hopefully late next year… we’ll be getting out there.”

Bruce. Possible Australian tour. Before the end of 2020.

Can’t see a single part of that that doesn’t kick ass. Hell yeah, Bruce.