The hardest working boyband in the music business needs a bit of time out as well, folks. So when BROCKHAMPTON dropped by the Triple J studios to put down a Like A Version of Alicia Keys’ track Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready), most of them literally laid down on the floor and had a rest.

Leaving the work up to bearface – who does most of the melodic vocals and brings a pretty solid RnB vibe to the collective – the rest of the boys took a moment to shut their eyes and let the song wash over them.

If arty shots of cute boys having a snooze is extremely in your interests like it’s in mine then hoo bot you’re gunna have a grouse time with this very low-key appearance from BROCKHAMPTON.

Watching a bunch of twenty-something dudes in matching outfits lie on the floor looks equal parts wholesome adult men playing sleeping lions and part Heaven’s Gate cult vibes. Sorry, someone had to say it. I’m SORRY I’m so sorry.

Peep the video below, and maybe follow their lead and have a listen with your eyes closed lying on the floor. No, you won’t look weird doing that in the middle of the office, trust me.

BROCKHAMPTON also stripped back their single ‘SAN MARCOS’ to a gorgeous acoustics-and-strings rendition for the Like A Version visit, which you can peep right here if you wanna feel ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS AT ONCE. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Image: YouTube / Triple J