BROCKHAMPTON Drops Tracklist For Their 5th Album That’s Landing Next Fkn Week

Forever proving themselves to be the hardest working boyband in show business, BROCKHAMPTON has finally dropped a bunch of vital information about their upcoming fifth record, GINGER.

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After drip-feeding us with singles since the end of July, Camp Brocky™ has confirmed that GINGER will hand in our hot little hands on August 23, which is next Friday. Tight. TIGHT.

I know what you’re about to say, but GINGER is pinned as the fifth record, because 2016’s All-American Trash is considered a mixtape. Regardless, it’s a hell of a lot of releases since they began the Brocky collective back in 2014.

It might not feel like it’s been long since we heard from the Texas collective and that’s because it’s not even been a year – last year’s iridesence landed in September, and since then ringleader Kevin Abstract dropped his solo record, Arizona Baby.

The album’s sitting at a tidy 12 songs, and follows on from last year’s release, iridescence. From the three tracks we’ve already been blessed with, it’s sounding like the 14-strong creative are going from strength to strength, maturing into their own sound both as a group and individually.

In the latest singles to drop, we hear more from Dom McLennon than what feels like we have ever before, and in the latest, ‘Boy Bye‘, Irish expat Bearface (aka Ciarán McDonald) finally snaps from his well-worn aesthetic of “mumbly sensitive emo singer” into a venom-spitting entity, keeping pace with the track instead of nestling into a slower-tempo bridge.

And JOBA? Well, JOBA’s just somehow more JOBA then ever before. That mullet is inspired, too.

The film clips of the new tracks from GINGER also provide as a place for cursory BROCKHAMPTON appreciators to get to know some of the creative community’s players that work away from the mic, including my sweet fave Robert Ontenient, who you might recognise as the voice behind the “hola, me llamo Roberto” openers on some of the SATURATION tracks. More Roberto! I demand it!!

You’ll want to get around GINGER once it drops, because BROCKHAMPTON are tearing back into Australia next year on the FOMO Festival lineup alongside the likes of LizzoOcatvian and Rico Nasty. It’s gunna be red hot.