Boy & Bear Splendour Photo Diary

How does one’s festival experience change when divorced from all the pleb, toilet line and “having to pay for a ticket” nonsense? Sydney five-piece Boy & Bear take us on a visual journey though their 2011 Splendour in the Grass experience complete with observations on Shirtless Man at Festival Syndrome (SMFS), reasons to hire a Tarago and backstage photo opps with other artists.

Tim steering the B&B gear train at Brissy airport.

Jake chilling in the Artist lounge pre-show.

Dave warming his voice up in our dressing room.

Funky headdress heading to see Jebediah at the Amphitheatre.

Sitting back for a beer in the dust at the Amphitheatre.

Lots of shades and a bear.

I took this snap about 5 minutes before we went on stage. Some coordinated kids in the front few rows!

One of the culturally diverse stalls that Splendour had on offer.

Late night organic doughnut indulgence (at least I wasn’t alone!)…I went with the dark chocolate in case anyone was wondering.

The crowd loving Kanye on Friday night.

Cocktail heaven in the artist bar after our set on Friday night.

Art vs Science photo opportunity backstage.

UFO sculpture, with Mix up tent in the background – I actually met the guy who designed/assembled this!

Shirtless Man at Festival Syndrome (SMFS) – we’ve all witnessed it. This guy had to take two shirts off to get there, but he still managed it – and it wasn’t even that hot this year!

Dude in snow goggles and Akubra cutting sick to the Hungry Kids of Hungary with the blue suits watching on.

Ange & Aimee in matching fox hats.

Security guard at the Gold Bar on Sunday arvo.

Our attempt to fit 5 people, plus luggage and instruments into my friend Dimmy’s little hatchback for the ride back to Brisbane. We failed, so one of us ended up on the bus instead..oops.