The Black Eyed Peas Explain Why Their Latest Project Is Sans The Blessed Fergie Ferg

Now that the Black Eyed Peas boys are back on our airwaves with their newly-released record Translation, many have been left wondering why Fergie is a no-show.

Speaking with, Taboo and revealed they they get asked about Fergie and her whereabouts all the damn time. It’s probably very annoying at this point, but the trio kindly addressed the issue once more, revealing that Fergie decided to pass up on the latest project to focus on motherhood.

“We love her, and she’s focusing on being a mom,” told the publication. “That’s a hard job, and that’s what she really wants to do and we’re here for her, and she knows how to contact us for a retreat or a breakaway. It’s really the way Fergie designed it, so we’re respecting her design. We love Fergie, and we don’t want anything but awesomeness for her”

“Fergie is our sister,” added. “So even with these small connections, she’s always going to be our sister. But unfortunately our schedule is displaced by [her] wanting to be a great mom, and she wants to focus on that.”

“And like Will said, we support her 100%.”

We love to see the Ferg solidarity.

Although it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a Monkey Business P2, maybe that’s for the best – after all, Monkey Business is a treasure that deserves to be honoured and preserved.

Stream Translation, a Latin record featuring Shakira, J Balvin and Ozuna, below. Pump it.