Billie Eilish Is Doing A $30 Live-Streamed Gig & We’ll Take Anything At This Point

billie eilish live stream gig 2020

Stake out the best spot in your lounge room, set up a tent, and be ready to fight your housemates/siblings/various pets to keep your ideal viewing spot, because Billie Eilish is doing a huge live-streamed gig this month. And honestly, it’s the closest thing we’re going to get to an international tour anytime soon.

Look, I think we’ve all come to terms with the fact that no big overseas tours are coming down to Australia in the next however long, so all this displaced excitement for live music has to go somewhere – and that place is straight into seeing a Billie Eilish show from the creature comforts of home for under 50 bucks.

She’s doing a massive global live-stream of her WHERE DO WE GO? concert (which at this point of Melbourne lockdown I’m asking myself that on the daily), and for us over here in Australia it’s all going down at the perfect coffee-and-pyjama time of 9am on Sunday October 25.

^^ That’s me walking from bed to the couch on a lazy weekend morning.

Is there anything better than having a prime pozzie in your PJs on the couch to watch one of the biggest artists in the world? No. The only thing that would make it better would be a rainy day so you can really get cosy and make the most of a Sunday morning watching Billie Eilish smash through her string of huge hits.

Or hell, move all the furniture back and kick up a big dance party right in the middle of the house. Get everyone in on it. Make a bunch of bloody marys and mimosas and make a Sunday morning party of it.

Tickets for the big bad Billie Eilish bash will set you back a very tidy $30 from Billie’s live stream website, and early birds will also score themselves access to some sneaky exclusive merch as well. I mean if we’re going to be at home more we as well invest in some more comfy couchwear, right?

And if you cop yourself a ticket to the show, you’ll also get access to watch the whole thing over and over again for 24 hours after the gig ends.

Meet you front left (of your lounge room).