Much like most other people with two thumbs and a beating heart, Beyoncé is a pretty big fan of the Coen Brothers‘ 1998 cult-hit film The Big Lebowski.

For those of you that haven’t picked it out yet, Bey even sampled a section of Maude Lebowski‘s speech about feminism from a French dub of the film on Partition from her much-beloved eponymous 2013 album.

And apparently that fandom goes so far now that her and the fam have moved on in to the mansion featured throughout the film.

The $45million pad is apparently being rented out by the apex of the human pyramid for the next year – although Bey and Jay had designs on owning it at one point.

The story goes that it went on the market at some point last year, after previously being owned by former LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. Beyonce put a bid in for the home, but was usurped by an unknown British billionaire.

However, the Brit didn’t find Los Angeles much to his liking, and thus the house was largely sitting empty. Until recently, that is, when the very rich person decided to put it onto the market as a rental property.

The rental price is reportedly somewhere in the vicinity of US$150,000 per month for the house, which features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and stately grounds. You can check out all kinds of photos from it over on TMZ.

The move could not have come at a better time for the family, who suffered the most dreaded common experience of the renter in having their previous rental place sold out from under them (except their place went for $66.8million).

Their new digs featured as the home of Jeffrey Lebowski throughout the film.

We can only hope, nay PRAY that Beyonce is now spending her days practicing this dance. That is, if it’s not already committed to memory already.

Photo: Kevin Mazur via Getty Images.