Beyoncé Just Reunited Destiny’s Child Again For ‘Beychella’ Part Two

Beyoncé’s currently performing at weekend two of Coachella 2018 except none of us can watch it because they’re not officially streaming the second week on Youtube which is a massive ??????? for many people. Apparently something’s going on with VOD (video on demand) and Bey and a bunch of others are not in with it or something along those lines.

This sucks for anyone who didn’t buy a ticket and or don’t live in California especially since Bey’s performing a same same but diff set and Destiny’s Child reunited again. Not to mention, we also missed out on The Weeknd’s second set and Ariana Grande’s surprise performance during Kygo’s set yesterday which finished with an emotional tribute to Avicii. 

According to the tweets, Destiny’s Child performed Independent Women which people are absolutely frothin’ over. Last week the trio also performed Say My Name which was amazing but Independent Women is such a tuneNobody even thought Michelle and Kelly would return for week two and considering they were such a staple of a lot of childhoods, it would’ve been absolutely fabulous to see them perform again… thanks Youtube.

Although the pictures and ten-second snapchat videos are pretty amazing so I’ve compiled some below.

Off her Instagram, we have these incredible pics.



And now to some videos (most of which have been deleted already, sigh).

Anyway, this has pretty much been the Bee Hive.

This all follows Bey’s incredible performance as the headliner at Coachella Weekend One. Beyoncé is the first black woman to headline the festival and paid homage to this milestone by including black power symbolism. Bey had collaborated with Olivier Rousteing of Balmain to create politically-representative costumes including the black power shield. This, especially, captured the eyes and hearts of viewers as the shield proudly showed four key black power symbols. These were the raised fist, the Black Panther logo, the Eye of Horus to represent self-awareness, and the Black Bee to symbolise her fans.

Words still can’t describe how phenomenal Beyoncé’s Coachella 2018 performance was.

P.S if you ever wondered how devoted the Bee Hive are, here you go.

Excellent viewing quality.