The BeyHive Is 100% Convinced That Destiny’s Child Is Gonna Play Coachella

Hold onto your butts, folks. It’s TENUOUS RUMOUR TIME. The arrival of Beyoncé‘s pair of tiny immortal demi-gods necessitated a quick about-face on a planned appearance at Coachella earlier this year; a decision that was quickly followed up by a promise to fulfil the promise by headlining the 2018 iteration instead. But if the blessed BeyHive‘s relentless reading-into-things is anything to go by, it would seem that Bey has a little extra something in store for Californian festival punters next year: Destiny’s Child.

A string of recent posts on the social medias has sent fans into a tizz, with the interpretation being that all signs are pointing towards a full Destiny’s Child reunion in April.

The evidence breaks down thusly:

A recent photo of Beyonce shows her sporting an AC/DC t-shirt. Thanks to a strategically draped jacket, the AC part of the band’s logo is hidden, leaving only the DC portion.

DC. Destiny’s Child. Coincidence? It goes further.

An Instagram post from Michelle Williams chucked up on the ole’ stories feed featured a throwback shot of the outfit she wore during the Destiny’s Child performance at the 2013 Super Bowl.

This also coincides with some cryptic posts from former group members LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, with the former hinting at something she couldn’t talk about at the time…

…and the latter posting a reasonably out-of-the-blue throwback photo of the group.

Fans have looked at all of that, put two and two together, and come up with the rock solid conclusion that some sort of giant Destiny’s Child reunion is heading to Coachella, obviously.

This is, quite obviously, fairly tenuous proof and neither Beyoncé nor Coachella has so much as given it a sliver of attention.

But if you’re gonna speculate wildly about anything, it might as well be something as dope as this.

Coachella, can you handle this?

The 2018 festival is scheduled to take place between April 13th and 22nd.