Beyoncé And Jay-Z Are No Longer The Highest-Earning Celebrity Couple

Somewhere in Manhattan, Beyoncé is on the phone screaming at her money guy, because she and Jay-Z are no longer the highest-earning celebrities in all of celebrity land, and now must settle for the number two spot.
According to Forbes, the recent power coupling of musical golden retrievers Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris was enough to dethrone Bey and Jay and send them tumbling from the top spot.
Between them, Swift and Harris amassed a combined income of $US 146 million in 2014, much of it from lucrative endorsement deals with the likes of Diet Coke and Armani.
Bey and Jay made $US 110.5 million in the same period, a comparatively piddling amount by one-percenter standards. TRY HARDER NEXT TIME, GUYS. 
Country superstars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert took out the number three spot, earning a combined $US 57 million last year.
These figures were released as a taster of the annual Forbes Celebrity 100, which comes out Monday, allowing you to find out how many yous a Justin or a Miley is worth.

Image via YouTube