If you’re waiting for payday to come around so you can fill the car or fix your mate up for that slab, then you may or may not be thrilled at the reminder that there are a shitload of people out there earning a shitload more money than you.

Nonetheless, it’s Forbes 100 season again, meaning that the financial magazine have collated a list of the world’s top-earning celebrities of 2014-2015, for you to peruse and dream about what you’d do with that kind of dosh.

Listen Up, Poor People: These Are The Highest-Paid Celebrities Of 2015

Given the sheer level of pants-shitting excitement in the lead-up to the MayweatherPacquiao bout in Las Vegas earlier this year, it’s unsurprising to learn that it was the year’s biggest earner, with the two fighters taking out the top spots.

Katy Perry was the highest-earning musician, taking out the number three spot with an impressive $135 million. Taylor Swift pulled in $80 million, while her boyfriend Calvin Harris earned a surprising $66 million, cementing their power couple status.

Apparently, high profile radio gigs in the US pay well, as Howard SternRush Limbaugh and Ryan Seacrest easily cracked the Top 30 with their earnings.  

Jay-Z, who is sleeping on the couch this evening, earned $56m, ahead of Beyoncé, at $54.5m. Rihanna, who took a break from touring throughout much of the last year, did not appear on the list this time around. 

In spite of the sheer ubiquity of the Kim Kardashian game, the reality star only nabbed the number 33 spot with $52.5 million, while Jennifer Lawrence was just behind her, with an even $52 million.

Other actors who cracked the Top 100 include the likes of Channing Tatum, Sofia Vergara, Mark Wahlberg and Johnny Depp, whose earnings of $30 million should make paying those fines a breeze, should our government decide to go that way.

Below is the Top 30:

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr – $300m

2. Manny Pacquiao – $160m

3. Katy Perry – $135m

4. One Direction – $130m

5. Howard Stern – $95m

6. Garth Brooks – $90m

7. James Patterson – $89m

= 8. Robert Downey Jr – $80m

= 8. Taylor Swift – $80m

10. Cristiano Ronaldo – $79.5m

11. Rush Limbaugh – $79m

12. Ellen DeGeneres – $75m

13. Lionel Messi – $74m

14. The Eagles – $73.5m

15. Dr Phil – $70m

16. Roger Federer – $67m

17. Calvin Harris – $66m

18. LeBron James – $65m

19. Justin Timberlake – $63.5m

20. David Copperfield – $63m

= 21. Sean Combs – $60m

= 21. Gordon Ramsay – $60m

= 21. Ryan Seacrest – $60m

24. Fleetwood Mac – $59.5m

25. Lady Gaga – $59m

26. The Rolling Stones – $57.5m

27. Ed Sheeran – $57m

28. Jay-Z – $56m

29. Beyoncé – $54.5m

30. Kevin Durant – $52m

You can peruse the full list over at Forbes.

Photo: Anthony Harvey via Getty Images