Worldwide tours and corporate endorsements have helped secure the top-earning musicians for 2010, Forbes has revealed with their newly published Top Ten list of earners calculated on the earnings from the last financial year:

1. U2 ($130 million)
2. AC/DC ($114 million)
3. Beyoncé ($87 million)
4. Bruce Springsteen ($70 million)
5. Britney Spears ($64 million)
6. Jay-Z ($63 million)
7. Lady Gaga ($62 million)
8. Madonna ($58 million)
9. Kenny Chesney ($50 million)
10. Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and Toby Keith ($48 million)

The music industry is a much-changed business. Musicians cannot solely rely on album sales since a majority of consumers are unwilling to pay for music when they can easily download it for free; thus album sales have diminished by more than half since 2000 – a significant loss in potential profit.

U2, AC/DC, Springsteen and Madonna who have all been since the eighties earned more than half of the $700 million that the top ten acts in music brought in, thanks to sold out world tours and prominent company partnerships. Exhibit A: AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour saw them gross $2.3 million a night, earning $114M worldwide, with The Boss also netting $70 million with more than 2 million tickets sold for his last tour.

Surprisingly Britney Spears is still up there with the fifth highest grossing tour of the year and a string of endorsements – ahead of Jay Z whose various entrepreneurial enterprises (nightclubs, NBA team, broadway musical) earned him sixth place. Beyonce beat Lady Gaga by $25 million. And of course Madonna came in at number eight thanks to her Sticky and Sweet tour in which she cashed in $6 million a night, as well as earning lucrative publishing royalties on the side, including an all-Madonna episode of Glee.

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Via Forbes
Image by: Ian Gavan via Getty