Here’s A Behind The Scenes Look At What It’s Like To Produce Music In A Pandemic

pandemic music

Welcome back to Dell’s mammoth XPS Studio sessions, where creative noggins across Australia and New Zealand are recruited to give it their all and create a passion project dedicated to self-expression.

While we’ve currently seen filmmakers, designers and makeup artists (to name a few) put together some cracking bodies of work, this time around we’re veering into the wonderful, wild world of music.

For the brief, we reached out to Christiaan Toailoa, Niko Walters and Brandon Haru to collab on a tune based on their own experiences, as well as illustrator Rel Pham to whip together a video of their time making it.

“For me, there are some ideas, and there are some words and things you can’t say… these things can only be translated through art – that’s how I feel with my self-expression. I’m able to use my music as a conduit to show other people how I’m feeling, how I’m thinking,” Christiaan explains.

Christiaan, Niko and Brandon were tasked with quite the challenge of writing and producing a song smack-bang in the middle of the pandemic, which meant they couldn’t meet in person. Using Dell XPS to communicate with each other, the trio sunk hours into reflecting about their own time in lockdown and came out the other side with an 11/10 track. According to Christiaan, it would’ve taken even longer if XPS wasn’t so speedy, so that’s comforting to know.

Again, due to the restrictions, usual filming was somewhat derailed until Rel came to the rescue and offered his services to make the video entirely animated.

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