Here’s What Goes Into Organising A Photoshoot If You Thought It Was A Breezy Walk In The Park


Who doesn’t like to get a little peek behind the curtains of a photoshoot? Tabloids were practically built on this premise – I think.

As part of Dell’s XPS Open Studio campaign (which you’ve surely heard about by now), talented legends across Aus and NZ have been jumping on different briefs to create art that’s wholly true to themselves. It’s about self-expression, babes, self-expression.

Recently, fashion student Chrystalla Phylactou, in collaboration with mentor Collette Emily, created an entire photoshoot full of vibrant colours, bold outfits and a big ol’ helping of personality.

“If I had a choice to dress how I wanted, this would be it. It’s different, it’s out there, it’s being bold – this is who I am,” Chrystalla said of the shoot.

“The brief that we’ll be working on together is all about using style as a tool of expression, Collette adds. “Your intuition is such a big part of this industry – of anyone who’s a creative.”

Leading up to the shoot, Chrystalla and Collette connected online to mock together everything from set design and props to how they saw the shoot coming to life.

“I am not tech-savvy, I will admit – using the XPS was so easy and so user-friendly, because it really allows me to freely put everything together, to easily access everything I need to, and just to be able to connect with everyone.”

You can have a behind the scenes peek-a-boo at the video above, as well as a little glimpse at the finished brief (it’s stunning).

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