Become The Next Contiki Insider, Go Loco In Latin America

We’re joining forces with Contiki and launching The Insider Project, giving you the chance to join a team of explorers/reporters/party animals to fly away to the far reaches of the globe and report back on the sights, smells, sounds and siestas of Latin America! It’s a big, wide world out there, and it’s begging to be explored, but Getaway this ain’t – we’re sending people off the beaten track, to learn to live and laugh like locals in some mind-blowing destinations.

We’ll be focusing on somewhere amazing each month for the next six months, from Europe to Asia, even our own backyard in Australia. We’ve got five Insiders already, but we need one more – and it could be you! Because the only thing better than travelling to exotic locales and interacting with exotic locals is getting to make everyone jealous when you tell them about it, we’re looking for a sixth Contiki Insider – someone we can send overseas on one of four enticing, exciting Latin American adventures, and report back on more than just the price of Coronas and the skimpiness factor of bikinis on the beach.

The four adventures on offer are:

Canned Heat:
Dance Your Way Across Argentina
The Beautiful Game: Play Sport with the Locals in Brazil
Meat Lovers:
The Carnivores Guide to Peru
The Music Of Mexico: Explore La Bamba to La Cucaracha

So if you’re a dancer, a player, an eater or a music-maker, vamanos! Go to to enter, tell us which of these amazing Latin quests you want to go on and you could be joining the dizzying ranks of online travel bloggers as part of The Insider Project before you know it!