Bag Raiders Promote Interspecies Romance In “Sunlight” Video

Peep the weather appropriate clip for “Sunlight” the second single from Bag Raiders’ self titled debut album. Sunlight abounds as directors Fleur & Manu (Sébastien Tellier, Tricky) ground lethargic Summer excursions – gas station stop offs, intimate house parties, late night dancing, milkshake drinking – in a tale as old as time: attractive zoo keeper lady falls for anthropomorphic primate with a drinking problem but before said drinking problem disintegrates relationship, both share true romance in a late night road trip to nowhere. It’s like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Jail Time. But who among us hasn’t been there, right? Pursued relationships against our better judgment be it with co-workers, the mentally unstable or those outside of our species. They’re doomed to fail, cause emotional anguish, shame even, but what we cherish most about that glorious/misguided summer when we dated a monkey is that fleeting moment when everything’s sun kissed and perfect, just like the four minutes below.