New Bag Raiders Video – Shooting Stars

According to our bro Polaroids Jonny electro duo Bag Raiders will also respond to Rag Baiders, Fag Raiders, Red Riders and Bag Raggers. But since a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, or in this case, Bag Raiders by any other moniker would sound as rad we’ll just concentrate on the music.

Their new single Shooting Stars emulates the dance-floor perfection of Fun Punch with the Sydney lads’ sagely understanding of dynamics, ebbs and flows and epic release points eliciting the kind of hands in the air euphoria reserved only for goal-scoring South Americans. The accompanying video directed by New York based graphic designer Ron Winter perfectly captures the hedonistic late night dalliances their music would soundtrack. But even the best night of your life won’t result in getting the girl and flying through space in 80’s era sports cars. Shoot for the stars below…