Bag Raiders Reinvigorate The CBD

Just yesterday I was having one of those played-out, way-too-frequent conversations about the lack of vibe in Sydney’s CBD. I mean come on guys, Thursday nights should be a bustling throng of bored teens, diners, after work opportunists and drifters but instead it’s a soulless ghost town with confused tourists and tepid late night trading. What’s up with that Sydney? Clover Moore knows what I’m talking about. Anyway, it’s a lengthy debate that I neither have time, inclination nor sufficient knowledge to get into right now, but I think we can all agree that any event that reinvigorates the CBD is a good thing.

Enter Myer’s My Music Box – a series of free concerts staged at Myer stores all across Australia and headlined by the likes of Yves Klein Blue, The Vasco Era and Bag Raiders. Here’s the deal – starting from 11am tomorrow you’ll be able to nab yourself free makeovers and beauty tips courtesy of the Chi Chi booth, win great prizes through Guitar Hero comps, audition to be filmed by the FLIP squad as Myer’s Rockstar Reporter and from 2pm see Bag Raiders play live in the CBD. And best of all for the cash-strapped it’s all free.

RSVP here to confirm your place in the proceedings and remember, the action kicks off at 11am tomorrow (Saturday March 13th) at the City Myer store in Sydney (436 George St, Sydney 2000). Oh apparently Myer sells clothes too, so check out the below behind the scenes footage from their latest Autumn/Winter youth shoot featuring super stylist Imogen Barron, photographer Ben Sullivan and 4th and Bleeker model/blogger Alexandra Spencer.

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