Whilst speculating endlessly over possible Splendour in the Grass acts via pouring over tour dates and release cycles is fun (*cough* Arctic Monkeys *cough*) it sure is easier when the band themselves just straight up leak the news that they’re on the lineup.

Huge round of applause to UK rock outfit The Wombats then, who have just gone and done that exact thing.

Music Feeds is reporting that during a live stream earlier to celebrate the release of their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life, both drummer Dan and then bass player Tord directly admitted to being on the yet to be announced 2018 lineup.

“If anyone’s listening from Australia, we’re playing Splendour In The Grass this summer”. So yeeeeeeeeh that seems pretty cut and clear hey?

Splendour is set to return to Byron Bay for another round of wintery musical delight this July 20-22.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the announces and leaks as they happen, but for now immerse yourself in the lads latest and dream of July:

Source: Music Feeds
Image: Jess Gleeson via Facebook / Splendour In The Grass