Australia Leads The World In Not Giving A Fuck About Robin Thicke’s New Album

This proud nation of ‘Straya currently leads the world in obesity ratescontent theftpinger consumption and being exorbitantly expensive to live in, but we’ll gladly embrace a questionable reputation as the most munted/overweight internet pirates in the world because we currently lead the world in at least one key metric: giving the least fucks of any country in the world about the shitty new Robin Thicke album, Paula

To be sure, the Canadian-American performer’s self-indulgent ode to his estranged wife Paula has performed dismally everywhere, selling approximately 26,000 copies in the U.S., 550 copies in Canada and 530 copies in the U.K. But that ain’t a thing on its disappearing act Down Under.
Per last week’s ARIA album charts, where the singer’s seventh solo studio album failed to make an appearance, meaning it sold fewer than the 54 copies of a Blondie compilation ranked 500th, it can be inferred that Paula sold between 0-53 copies in Australia last week. Yikes. Putting that into perspective more people watched this random dude’s Youtube video on how to install a tiny crane onto a car trailer than bought a copy of Paula in Australia last week. 
Hats off, you guys. We did it! 
Here’s to better days Mr. Thicke.