Ariana Grande May Have Cooked Her Mistaken “Tiny BBQ Grill” Tattoo Even More

Ariana Grande appears to have ‘fixed’ her most recent tattoo, but only in the broadest sense possible. If anything, she may have made that little banger even more confusing.

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In case you missed it, the singer recently had the phrase “7 rings” tattooed on her hand, written in tiny Japanese kanji. The tattoo is a reference to her latest single, which bears the same name. That’s all well and good, but fans quickly pointed out her tattoo actually translates to shichirin, or “small barbecue grill.” 

via Kane Navasard / Instagram

The singer copped to the mess-up and downplayed the matter, saying that tattoos on that particular part of the hand are prone to fading, and that she’s a “huge fan of tiny bbq grills” anyway.

One day later, her opinion seems to have changed. Taking to Instagram last night, Grande revealed she had the tattoo touched up with the kanji 指, which means “finger”, so the combined kanji would infer the meaning “ring”. Citing her Japanese tutor, Grande implied that extra character would reflect the tattoo’s intended meaning of “7 rings.”

via Ariana Grande / Instagram

Not so. Once again, Japanese fans and folks with even a passing interest in the language have pointed out a problem: because of how the new kanji is separated from the others, the tattoo is gibberish if read from right-to-left, top-to-bottom. If it’s read left to right, it still translates to “small barbecue grill finger ♥”.

That’s getting dangerously close to having a tattoo of Burger Rings“, which would actually be mad. Regardless, we hope Grande does not seek any more painkillers to sit through another fix-up session.