Kim Kardashian’s New Fake Fringe Makes Her Look Like Kylie Jenner’s Clone

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The Kardashian fam is famous for their non-committal approach to hair, repping a plethora of new styles, only to later reveal that they were in fact wigs. Yep, we’ve been tricked by this a few times, so now, whenever a Kardashian debuts a new look, we tend to just assume it’s temporary. But that’s not to say they’re boring to look at – far from it.

The ‘here-one-day-gone-the-next’ mentality means that the Kardashians are some of the most adventurous celebrities in the hair department, and that’s part of why I, personally, find them interesting to keep tabs on.

Overnight Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share an edgy new look as part of her Kim Kardashian West Beauty Valentine’s Day Collection: a blunt fringe.

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In the same way that Kris Jenner 2019 fringe reminded us of vintage Kim, Kim also resembles another family member with the addition of her new bangs.

Kim shared a handful of close-up campaign shots on her ‘gram overnight, modelling the limited-edition makeup range, but ain’t nobody looking at the makeup:

When you flick through the camera reel there’s one pic that looks exactly like Kim’s little sister and fellow beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner.

Check it, here’s Kim:

Source: Instagram / @kimkardashian

Aaaaand, here’s Ky reppin’ a similar ‘do:

While the photos were taken over three years apart, there’s an undeniable resemblance between the two sisters – something they clearly inherited from their mum.

Kim’s bold new fringe was the handiwork of celebrity ‘hair artist’ Chris Appleton, who shared the same images on his own account with the caption “She BANGS. What do you think to @kimkardashian bangs?”

Kim and Chris are a killer hair duo, working together to create some serious ~lewks~ over the years:

As you might have already guessed, Chris also works with Kylie, along with a slew of stylish A-listers including Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera. Safe to say, he’s pretty highly regarded in the hair-world, and now I want nothing more than for Chris to do my hair.