Did A Woman Give Birth At Arctic Monkeys’ Sydney Show On Saturday? An Investigation

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The internet is abuzz with rumours that a woman literally gave birth during an Arctic Monkeys show in Sydney, but how true is this tale of fluorescent preadolescence? And do I wanna know the details?

Shortly after the Arctic Monkeys wrapped up their Sydney show (where they did NOT play “Fluorescent Adolescent” by the way) a Reddit post appeared in r/sydney congratulating the woman who “gave birth”.

To the lady who gave birth at the Arctic Monkeys show last night, I congratulate your dedication. Hope you get free tickets for life.
by u/Kirlo__ in sydney

“The baby is probably the youngest person to ever attend an Arctic Monkeys concert,” wrote one Reddit user.

“Where’s your ticket, son?” joked another.

For obvious reasons, nobody expected to read about childbirth at a concert and the word spread like wildfire.

From Reddit to Twitter and from Twitter to the news cycle. This is the nature of things that God (Alex Turner) intended for all his living creations.

According to folks on Twitter, there wasn’t just a childbirth, but an engagement as well. Things were apparently getting wild at The Domain.

After a bit of sleuthing around the original Reddit post (I scrolled at least once) I found a comment that explains what ACTUALLY happened at the concert.

“I just asked a friend who works in the medical tent and apparently she didn’t end up having the baby,” one commenter wrote.

“It was a false alarm but she was in the room for ages.”

Damn. So it turns out nobody actually gave birth at the Arctic Monkeys concert, but they sure as hell came close to it.

I cannot imagine trying to push out a child while the faint sounds of “Brianstorm” echo in the background.

“Why am I disappointed about this? Lol, I bet the medics were happy she didn’t!” read one Reddit comment.

“Totally ruined the story,” wrote another.

I will admit it is a bit disappointing to find out the rumours of an Arctic Monkeys concert childbirth were true to a point, but it’s comforting to know the woman was in a medic tent and wasn’t literally pushing a child out in the middle of the moshpit.

Anyway, here’s a meme about the whole thing.

As for the couple who got engaged, I’m dying to know which song played in the back as one of them popped the question.