Anja Nissen To Collab With & Redfoo On Debut Single

It’s been nearly 100 years since Anja Nissen won The Voice Australia 2014. So much has happened! World War II, inventions, I dunno, the Honey Boo Boo child show, heaps of stuff. But despite that extraordinary amount of time passing we are still yet to hear a debut single from the singer. So what’s happening with Anja Nissen??
Well, turns out she had a song recorded and good to go the same week she won The Voice – one that was co-written by unrhythmic white woman Delta Goodrem – but it was disappeared by Nissen’s celebrity coach/mentor/self-promoter In her words: “It just came down to whether it’s my style or not. Will just wasn’t sure.” 
It seems that maybe a better explanation is that it didn’t feature, since the axed song, which will not appear in any form, anywhere, is being replaced by one that does. “So Excited” will feature and X Factor judge Redfoo turning in some presumably weak raps while Nissen handles the rest of the vocals. There’s little information about the song available, but given’s previous form of re-recording other people’s songs with added autotune, it’ll probably owe a lot to the Pointer Sisters.
Let’s hope things  better for Anja Nissen than’s most recent reality show protege, The Voice UK contestant Leah McFall. Her update of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, which was written, produced by and featured, tanked in the charts.

Image via Don Arnold for Getty Images Entertainment