Andre 3000 Covers The Beatles

Finally guys, I can peripherally write about the NBA finals without alienating everyone! Here goes. So Nike have just released a video documenting Kobe Bryant’s quest to claim a fifth championship ring. He three-peated at the start of the decade with last year’s win being the first without Shaquille O’Neil – this really tall guy whose Twitter account brings unbridled joy to 2,936,271 people everyday. This is approximately 2,936,270 more people than Robin Williams brings joy to. The one person differential being Robin Williams himself. Shaq sample Tweet: “Yo is dat little 2 year old dats smokin cigarettes on the internet, is dat real“. Stop it Shaq! Of course it’s real. As you can see following Shaq on Twitter enriches your life. He’s like the anti Alain de Botton.

Anyway back to the ad. If you don’t give a shit about basketball or the fact that the Lakers and the Celtics will face each other for the 12th time in NBA finals history just close your eyes and listen to Outkast crooner Andre 3000 run through a cover of “All Together Now” by The Beatles. For those who can vibe on all aspects of the video below, drop me a line. We should be friends.

Via GvB

Title Image by Kevin Winter via Getty