Free fried chicken for everyone! Well, not quite, but it does appear that Joel Madden and Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah have settled their 10-year-old beef*. After enduring one too many daggy chicken sponsored Madden Brothers get culturally educated – Aussie bogan style TVC’s, Maddah threw his weight behind a Music Feeds campaign to rid the country of the Madden’s. Maddah continued his Twitter assault, accusing the brothers of being insincere, chicken baron fellating, money grubbing c**ts. Ouch! Maddah also revealed that Joel had a penchant for making fat jokes at the expense of his teen fans. Double ouch!    

Wary of protecting his potato and gravy train, Madden remained largely silent on the issue before reaching out to the Twitter-rage prone festival organiser and patching things up.

Head to Music Feeds for the entire tirade.

The Madden bros seem like nice enough dudes I guess, but Maddah’s questioning of their credibility i.e. PETA spokesmen to KFC ambassadors, has prompted us to take a speculative dive into the mindset of the rich and the famous. And it goes a little something like this…

Joel Madden teases teen fan about her weight. Joel Madden really enjoys teasing fan about her weight.

Joel Madden endures 10 long, lean, fat-joke-free years.

Joel Madden endorses KFC sparking an unprecedented obesity epidemic.

Joel Madden smugly resumes chastising young fans about their body image issues.

That is just plain mean!   

*If only we referred to feuds as chickens! Imagine the pun possibilities.