AJ Maddah Now Abusing Ministry Frontman, Why Won’t He Just Stop Oh God

Oh AJ Maddah, mate. I’m sure people have told you this once or twice before, but for the love of god, simmer down. Like a delicious bouillabaisse. 

The man takes pride in his reckless abandonment on Twitter, which has been shown when “discussing” (read: abusively yelling over the top of people) topics such as the cancellation of Soundwave, or who the responsibility of ticket refunds lays with. And now, he’s found a new thing/person/whatever to yell about! Surprising.
Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen sent Maddah a tweet, saying that the promoter had ripped him off: 

While yes, it was an aggressive and public move, it’s not dissimilar to what pretty much every rock musician is saying or had said about Maddah. 
But he’s not one to take shit from people, even when they are logical, correct, calm, or dignified. No no no. Not ol’ mate AJ. 
Behold, this mighty and torrential tweet-rant, which is cluttered and hard to follow! 
Jourgensen hasn’t responded to AJ’s mental breakdown twitter rant, but he has posted his mental breakdown side of the story via a Patreon crowd-funding page, where he is begging fans to help Ministry recover the money they lost from Soundwave
Hoooly dooly. We know; we’re exhausted too. 
Source: Twitter / Patreon.
Photo: Youtube.