A$AP Rocky Is Causing Shitloads Of Aussies To Dash To Perth For NYE

New Year’s Eve. That’s comin’ up pretty dang quick, you guys. As in, it’s so close that it’s probably time to start thinking about what you’re keen to do/where you’re keen to make maximum parti/what corner of the globe you’ll set aside to sweat your brains out the day after.
And, in case you haven’t already circled it in your calendars, we’ve got the Holy Grail of New Year’s Eves this time around: New Year’s Eve 2016/17 is on a Saturday. Hooo boy.
So what to do? Where to go? What to see?
As it turns out, there’s something of a mass exodus happening for Australians this year, with a shitload more of you than usual planning to pack up and head out west.
In times gone by, heading to the wild west might have been in search of gold, fame, fortune and prosperous days. But this time around? It’s all A$AP Rocky‘s fault.
Perth is the home of the annual Origin NYE festival, which is now approaching its 10th instalment. And with the announcement that not only would A$AP Rocky be making a rollicking stop at the New Year’s fest, but that it would be his only Australian performance on his visit to our fair shores, people on the east coast have been moving literal mountains to get involved.
In fact, such is the level of froth for Lord Flacko himself that ticket sales from interstate punters have shot up a whopping 400% on last year’s sales.
The full festival lineup, which also includes Chance the Rapper, Die Antwood, and a swathe of others, is proving to be something of a red-hot ticket in amongst the hyper-competitive Australian NYE festival circuit. Festival operations manager Daniel Arrigoni confirmed the huge spike in interstate interest in a statement issued to PEDESTRIAN.TV:

“This is a big year for Origin NYE, marking our 10th festival with exclusive performances by A$AP Rocky and Die Antwoord alongside one of our biggest lineups to date. Proving that it’s a New Year’s worth travelling for, we’ve seen a sharp increase of interstate ticket purchases of over 400%. It’s safe to say the bar has been set high for Origin NYE 2016, with even more to be announced in coming months.”

And hell, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to get a piece of that action. New Year’s in balmy Perth with A$AP Rocky’s lone Australian appearance? Could get 110% behind that, TBH.

If you’re interested in a little go west action, you don’t have to be the king of wishful thinking. Tickets for the festival, along with full lineup details, are available at the Origin NYE website.
Follow your dreams! Live your best life! Make maximum NYE party!

Photo: C Brandon/Getty.