A Band From Byron Bay Just Dropped A Collab With Daft Fkn Punk

Here’s one for the bloody pool room. Aussie five-piece Parcels have just released their new single Overnight, which was co-written and produced by everyone’s favourite French house robots Daft Punk. Nice!

Though they’re based in Berlin – like every creative Australian who has dreams – Parcels hail from the sunny shores of Byron Bay. They wrote the tune with Daft Punk before producing the single at a “secret location” in Paris. Based on my extensive knowledge of Paris, I believe the secret location is none other than the Eiffel Tower.
Have a listen. Spoiler: shockingly, the sound is not so dissimilar from the sharp, clean retrofunk sound of Random Access Memories, which is what happens when you collaborate with Daft Punk.
Calling it now… it’s the sound of the summer. (Note: I say this about every single song ever.)
If you’re keen and want to wrap your ears around it on a more permanent basis, you can find all your options to download HERE.
Photo: Getty Images.