Daft Punk Recording New Album – Busy P out as Manager

It’s true: ‘The boys are in a studio in Paris at the moment and I can’t wait to listen to their new stuff!” Pedro Winter told ITM. WOW.

Well what news to start off the day; after 12years behind the reigns of the Daft Punk juggernaut our main man Busy P has stepped down from his managerial position to focus on Ed Banger and his own productions. That news in itself should equate to a substantial story, however… Daft Punk are back! Your two favourite robots are doing what they do best, recording new work!

There’s still obvious uncertainty about when we will get to hear anything new out our favourite French robots as ‘They are slow, you know,’ Busy P laughed when quizzed on potential release dates. ‘They are taking their time, and they have a right.’ But… “The good thing is that they are making music at the moment.”

What will it sound like? Your guess is as good as mine. Honestly I didn’t have much complaints with Human After All even though everyone else seemed to pour hateraide all over it…

Rumour has it hypemachine have started preparing their servers for when the first Daft Punk work in 3/4/5/10? years leaks, but for some reason I don’t think any preparation will be able to stop us from seeing a lot of this guy…