5SOS Drummer Ashton Irwin Had Stroke Symptoms Mid-Show & Had To Be Carried Off Stage

5SOS ashton irwin stroke symptoms heat exhaustion

Ashton Irwin, the drummer of 5 Seconds Of Summer (5SOS), was hospitalised in the U.S. after he was reportedly carried off stage mid-show with stroke symptoms.

5SOS had to abandon their show in Houston, Texas on Sunday night U.S. time after Ashton was suddenly struck with a severe migraine and symptoms of stroke on the left side of his body. He overheated on stage and had to be taken to hospital for treatment where he found out he was experiencing an extreme case of heat exhaustion.

“I was in tears in the ambulance because I feel I’ve let many people down,” he tweeted on Tuesday morning.

“I’m looking after myself and getting rest now … this is the price dehydrated drummer pays when he takes on Texas heat.”

The rest of the band shared an apology about the show — which they had to bail on in the middle of their set — on Instagram and confirmed they’ve also had to postpone their next show in Arkansas to the end of the tour in late July.

5sos ashton irwin heat exhaustion stroke symptoms
[Image: Instagram / @5sos]
“As you may have heard, last night’s show ended early due to a medical incident during the show,” the post read.

“Upon experiencing physical symptoms, Ashton was taken to a local hospital for tests and a medical review. As a result, it was advised Ashton had experienced extreme heat exhaustion.

“Thankfully and most importantly, he is feeling ok and recovering very well.”

If there’s anything to take from Ashton’s gnarly experience it’s that the Texas heat is not fucking around and you simply gotta keep hydrated. Especially in the middle of summer when it’s gonna hit a top of 37º and you’re bashing a drum kit like it owes you money.