WELP: It Looks Like The 5 Seconds Of Summer Boys Are Staging A Comeback

It’s been way too bloody long since the last time we heard a brand spanking new 5 Seconds Of Summer bop travel down our ear holes but fret not because it looks like the boys are gearing up for album number three, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

The band have been leaving some fairly cryptic clues on their social media, leading us to believe that their next offering isn’t too far away.

The 5SOS Twitter page has been updated with a number of potential album easter eggs, including a fairly obvious hashtag and some behind the scenes shots of a possible album cover.

It looks like the band, which consists of Michael CliffordAshton IrwinCalum Hood and Luke Hemmings, are gearing up to release their new single Want You Back pretty damn soon if this tweet is anything to go by.

This comes after Ashton wrote fans an adorable little letter to explain what the bands been up to, and where they’re going next.

I for one will be eagerly waiting by my phone for the moment they drop their next world-conquering banger.