50 Cent Does A Christian Bale

If your eyes can believe it, the emaciated fellow above is Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent who used to look like this but now resembles the sad-eyed lovechild of Steve Urkel and a Martian. Probably because he’s hungry.

But don’t worry guys, Jackson isn’t a Cancer patient or anything, he’s just playing one. The rapper-slash-actor was cast as a terminally ill football player in next year’s Things Fall Apart and to sell the performance physically, shaved 54 pounds off his beefcake frame by subsisting on liquids and hitting the treadmill for three hour long sessions everyday for nine weeks. Firstly we salute your commitment Fiddy and secondly the Curtis Jackson diet could probably be a real thing you’d make money off.

Via Gawker

Title Image- Still from “Things Fall Apart”